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Bradford Wool Exchange’s Birthday Walks 9th August

6 Aug
Bradford Wool Exchange’s Birthday Walks.

Mon 9th Aug. 10.30 & 14.30.

Wool Exchange clock tower on Market Street.

Glyn Watkins will be spinning yarns on the anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone.

A walk of less than 30 mins. A collection will be made. Please keep a safe enough distance.

The walk may be filmed.

Bradford Woolly Heritage CIC


The Story of the walk.

The Wool Exchange, on Market Street, was once the centre of the whole world’s wool trade: and while new businesses have given it new life; what it did for wool is a fading memory. Poet and showman Glyn Watkins, of Bradford Woolly Heritage Community Interest Company, is determined to re-spin the yarns of the building’s great wool days, on the anniversary of the laying of its foundation stone, on 9th August 1864, by the then Prime Minister Lord Palmerston. 

Glyn will be walking around the building and telling stories while dressed as Bishop Blaise, Patron Saint of the wool trade; who’s statue stands by the clock tower entrance. As he explains:

“Bradford used to have a massive celebration of Bishop Blaise’s day in February up until 1825, and we are reviving it. The Wool Exchange has some magnificent stone carvings and the Blaise statue is a great reminder of a once great occasion we can reweave. Last August 9th I filmed a live to Facebook walk because of Covid19. I told some of the many great stories of the building, people, trade when the Wool Exchange once wove the world together with wool. It got a good response so I am repeating it for anyone who’d like to walk around with me.”

Glyn will be doing a walk at 10.30 am  and 2.30 pm. Starting at the clock tower and taking less than 30 minutes. People are asked to keep a safe enough distance. He will repeat a walk if too many people want to join. A collection will be taken.