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Bring Back Blaise latest.

18 Jan

Salamander Brewery Armenian Ale Launch.

Friday 2nd Feb. From 18.00.

Salamander Brewery,  22 Harry St, BD4 9OH.


The Bishop Blaise’s 1825 Festival Walk.

Saturday 3rd Feb.

A gentle guided historical amble in Bradford, with refreshment stops 

Walk starts Bradford Cathedral 11.00. 

Guided tour of the Cathedral 10.15.

Blaise Lite Show @ Record Cafe

Sunday evening 4th Feb. Details t.b.a.

Until 1825 Bradford woolcombers organised massive Bishop Blaise celebrations on 3rd Feb. Glyn Watkins has been trying to revive it for years. Blaise was an Armenian Martyr ‘harmed’ with woolcombs.


Lite St Blaise Festival

19 Dec

There will be a Bring Back St Blaise’s Festival weekend in Bradford around the 3rd Feb. Unfortunately, due to loss of sponsorship and help, it will be on a smaller scale than last year.

There will be a beer launch at Salamander Brewery on Friday 2nd Feb. and some kind of a walk around Bradford on 3rd, as happened this year, but I have had to cancel the big event at the Industrial Museum on the Sunday.

Pie Night a Steaming Success.

13 Oct
An event on Wednesday at Napoleons Casino that celebrated J.B.Priestley’s birthday and a Bradford pie that defied Hitler has been declared a steaming success.
The evening consisted of readings of Priestley works by Glyn Watkins, including a wartime broadcast that told of Priestley coming back to Bradford after it had been bombed in 1940. He had been told a famous pie shop that had a massive steaming pie in its window had been destroyed, but to his delight the pie was still there:
“…steaming away like mad. Every puff and jet of steam, defied Hitler, Goering and the whole gang of them. It was glorious.”
The celebration also included meat and potato pie and peas, a brass quintet organised by Jim Shepherd, that played Yorkshire tunes that had the audience singing along.
Glyn was full of praise afterwards:
“The seemed to be close to a 100 people there. Some knew more about Priestley than I did; and some just came to eat pie and didn’t even know there was a show on, but everyone enjoyed it.”
The show ended with a set of contrasting Priestley pieces including a harrowing reading from English Journey about a reunion dinner for the survivors of an Army battalion he had joined in the first week of World War One. This was followed by Samantha Wass getting up from the audience, walking on stage, and started the part of Annie Parker with Glyn as Albert, the man see thought she had married 25 years before, only to discover the parson was not qualified. The scene is from  When We Are Married, and had the audience in stitches.

The Sparkling Brass Quintet.

15 Sep

Sam Lovett and Jim Shepherd on cornets; Helen Varley on tenor horn; Anna behind the tuba; and Ian Clough trombone. A delight to work with and hear. They had the audience singing along to Ilkley Moor Baht’at, with a little help from me. Photo by Jax Griffin.



Celebrate J.B.Priestley’s birthday tonight at Napoleons 01274391820. Pie, bucks fizz, Priestley readings, brass band, free £5 bet, all for just £10! Jax Griffin photo

13 Sep

Priestley17 JaxGriffin

Priestley’s Old Ale pump clip.

3 Sep

Designed by Yorkshire artist and film-maker Susannah Gent, featuring a drawling by Glyn Watkins of the J.B.Priestley statue outside the National Science+ Media Museum, one of his pies, and the following quote about Yorkshire from Priestley’s The Good Companions:

The people here work – the women never stop – and go to football matches, drink old beer (very good stuff), listen to Handel’s Messiah about twice a week, and make you eat cheese with cake!

Priestley's Old Ale pumpclipSM


I help launch ‘Salamander Brewery’s’ Old Priestley’s Ale. Sold out in less than 3 hours!

1 Sep