Happy Christmas

17 Dec

I have done a podcast of the poem but don’t know were it is. So below is the text of this year’s card.

The December hard spend

Can chill our hearts 

then fog the mind

Can seem like just a duty

That leaves us powerless and blind

Leaves us forgetting what love has meant

So sharpens the winter of our discontent

So let’s resolve to mend

And with loving parts

switch on the kind

So make up the beauty

Of what fools have spent

And use the power

That love has sent.

And may that power

Be what you find.

Happy Christmas. This year’s electricity pylon was going to be multi-layered, but ended up being glue & glitter on the glass of a picture frame. The foreground is a bit of wool pad. The hill is a paper bag, and the background is a black rag glued to the backing, with a star shaped hole cut in it, with a torch behind.I started the poem on the way to Keighley(pronounced Keef-ley) to see A Bunch of Amateurs, a film you must see. Glyn Watkins 8th Dec. 2022.


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