Blaise walk

31 Jan
  1. 1. Conjectural map of Bradford in 1800.
Conjectural map of Bradford in 1800.

2. Bulls Head Inn. Bottom of Kirkgate. Start of the 1825 Bishop Blaise procession.

The Bulls Head

3. George Walker print of a Bishop Blaise procession. Possibly Bradford 1811.

George Walker’s print of a Bishop Blaise procession, possibly Bradford’s in 1811.

4. Bradford’s old Manor Hall. Built 1705.

Bradford’s Manor Hall

5. Kirkgate Market. Built in the 1870’s after the Manor Hall was knocked down.

Kirkgate Market6

6. Christ Church. Built 1815 before Darley St was built.

Old Christ Church, top of Darley St.

7. Christ Church from what became Rawson Square.

Christ Church Bradford

7ii. Woolcombers from the Lister statue in Lister Park.

Woolcombing. On the Lister Statue in Lister Park

8. Bradford Canal basin.

Conjectural picture of Bradford Canal’s upper basin before closure.

9. St Peter’s. Church Steps, Broadstones and the corner of Bradford Grammar School.

church Stop and Broadstones, Armitage.

10. Woolsacks on St Peter’s tower during a siege of Bradford.

Seige of Bradford

11. Paper Hall. Oldest domestic build in Bradford’s centre. Site of the first mechanical spinning frames here, set up by Richard Fawcett, who headed the Bishop Blaise procession.

Paper Hall

12. Bradford’s first Dispensary, set up to relieve distr stress during the 23 week woolcombers and handloom weavers strike in 1825. Bradford’s first ever public health service and the direct ancestor of the BRI.

13′ Picture of ‘The Holme’. Bradford’s first steam powered mill and site of the place where a roast ox and around a hundred gallon of punch were consumed at the 1825 processions lunch break.

The Holme

14 Sun Inn. Where the 1825 Bishop Blaise procession was dismissed.

Sun Hotel

15. Blaise ballad

Bradford’s Blaise Ballad 1825

16. Blaise prom from 1825 and 2019.


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