Bradford Woolly Heritage Community Interest Company launch declared Tops.

9 Jan

The launch of a Company aiming to encourage involvement of people with the history of Bradford and the wool trade has been declared a splendidly woven event by the organisers and audience

The Bradford Woolly Heritage Community Interest Company was launched in Bradford City Hall on Thursday, and has been created by Bradford based poet Glyn Watkins; Landlord of the Jacobs Well pub Dan Horsman; and Leeds based educator and art director Julia Armstrong. It grew out of Glyn’s attempt to revive the celebration of Bishop Blaise, Patron Saint of Woolcombers, in Bradford.

A packed audience heard how the Bring Back Blaise Festival had grown from a walk with a few people to having Bradford’s first wool fair at the Industrial Museum; and how the Company intends to weave the festival into a City wide, internationally linked event on St. Blaise’s Day, 3rd February, 2025. The 200th anniversary of the last time Bradford celebrated Bishop Blaise in a big way.

The positive audience reaction showed that wool and Bradford history still has a place in the hearts of many locals. From people with decades in the wool trade to people who had just moved to Bradford, everyone in the audience expressed appreciation for the attempt to make Saint Blaise’s day a day that anyone can enjoy.

This years Bring Back Blaise Festival runs from Friday 31st January to Monday 3rd February. Events included a talk about Bishop Blaise and wool combing at City Hall, 19.00. 31st Jan. and The Blaise Wool Fair at Bradford Industrial Museum Sunday 2nd Feb.


Picture: Julia Armstrong, Dan Horsman and Glyn Watkins directing their attentions to photographer Joe Ogden

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