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Possible target for 2019 Yorkshire Hat Throwing Championship @ Bolling Hall, Thursday 1st August 11.00 to 15.00

13 Jul


Random Geordie about to stoke my pie! In Jacobs, site of next Pie & Priestley.

8 Jul


Pie to the People. Advertising Hat Throwing (1st Aug) & Pie & Priestley (13th Sept).

8 Jul


Hat pics from my home page. Steve, Honey, iPie & me in Sparrow.

8 Jul

This year’s Pie & Priestley – celebrating mine and J.B.Priestley’s birthday and a meat & potato pie that defied Hitler. 13th Sept.

6 Jul

Yorkshire Hat Throwing. Check instagram@hatthrowing

4 Jul

Hat Throwing 2019 PosterSquareSm1

A Fun Filled Yorkshire Day at Bolling Hall. Refreshments, spinning & weaving, a pop-up hat exhibition and the

Yorkshire Hat Throwing Championship

T.I.F.F.T.H.A Rules*

Glyn Watkins presents the Annual County Hat Championship. All welcome. Hats provided but you are welcome to bring your own as long as it has no metal and is safe to throw. Certificates for accurate hatting. Entry by donation.

Thurs 1st August, 11.00 – 15.00.  

Bolling Hall Museum, BRADFORD, BD4 7LL

*Transnational Incorporated Federation of Formally Thrown Hat  Associations.  

@hatthrowing .