Bring Back Blaise’s Festival Good News 1.

27 Jan

Thanks to Napoleons Casino ,  The SparrowThe Peacock , and some generous individuals I have enough money to cover the base costs for the weekend and cover most of the costs for basic live streaming of Saturday’s walk and a short documentary of Sunday’s Bring Back Blaise Wool Festival. There are 2 points however:

  1. I’m still going to have to personally cover some of the cost of filming and editing as things stand, and have nowhere near enough to pay for either a programme for this year (and time to start that is running out anyway), extra publicity, or to put anything aside for next year.
  2. Almost none of the funding has come through and if I want to get the money that is in that account I am going to have to make up the difference to the target and then pay around 5%. All that for a process I have found both stressful and dubious. As a for instance they take the money straight away, rather than when the campaign ends.

I am keeping the crowdfunder open just incase anyone wants to contribute. If nobody else does then I’ll do nothing and the money contributed will be returned.

Back Blaise Crowdfunder.

If you’d like to help but don’t want to do it via the  crowdfunder then either contact me via Blaise facebook page or via   @backblaise on twitter or by leaving your e-mail in a comment. I will copy and delete your comment, and not publish it.

Sorry getting in touch with me is so hard, but I cannot afford to a wordpress business package so cannot install safe e-mail links to me.

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