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Bring Back Blaise’s Festival 2019 Schedule. 1st – 3rd Feb.

31 Jan

Friday 1st Feb. Hello Blaise and Brewing show. Salamander Brewery, 22 Harry Street, Dudley Hill, Tong, Bradford BD4 9PH . Bradford Glyn tells tales illustrated of Bradford’s forgotten Saint of Woolcombers, and some Salamander pump clips. Official launch of Blaise’s Armenian Ale. pumpclip-blaise17

The bar will be open before 16.00. Glyn will do a show at 18.00. and may do talks before and after (depending on the crowd).

The jawdroppingly talented Mila Lee ( @milaleemusic ) will be singing and playing later in the evening.



Saturday 2nd Feb. Blaise 1825 Procession Walk. 11.00 for 11.30 in Sparrow 32 North Parade, Bradford BD1 3HZ A guided historical amble along part of the route of the last procession to properly celebrate Bishop Blaise (in 1825). £10.00 suggested donation.

We will be calling in at The Lord Clyde, where bread and mucky dripping will be served (the veggie alternative is you buying yourself some crisps).

We will be briefly calling in at the Wool Exchange and Bradford Cathedral. Finishing at The Peacock, North Parade, with a free curry for those who’ve lasted the distance.

Estimated: distance a little over 2 miles; time around 2.5 hours.

Some steps but step free alternatives available for them all.

Wrap up and wear sensible shoes. It’ll be cold.


Sunday 3rd Feb. (Saint Blaise’s Day). Bring Back Blaise’s Wool Festival. Bradford’s first Wool Festival. Bradford Industrial Museum. Moorside Mills, Moorside Road, Eccleshill, Bradford BD2 3HP 10.00 -16.00

All sorts of wool related stalls, demonstrations and stuff; including a pop-up bar run by Les (ex-Sparrow) and alpacas (weather permitting). Plus the Hall Royd Brass Band, and Bradford Voices Community Choir.




Bradford Review publish interview with Glyn Watkins

31 Jan

You can read the magazine on twitter ( #backblaise ) and Facebook,


Telegraph & Argus coverage.

28 Jan

Back Blaise Front Page

28 Jan

Back Blaise Good News 2. Free curry at Peacock for those who finish the walk on Saturday!

28 Jan

The Peacock  is not only sponsoring Saturday’s Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival historic guided walk, they are also going to feed those who finish for free!

The walk starts at 11.00 for 11.30 at The Sparrow,  We will be going along part of the route of the 1825 procession (but in reverse order) with stops to listen to me telling historic stories, and wash some green plaques.

We will stop at the Lord Clyde, where bread and dripping will be available (if you want a veggie alternative you’l have to buy some crisps).

We will then walk up to the Cathedral and back to North Parade.

I am asking for £10 to help cover the festival costs, but will be more than happy to take more.

Bring Back Blaise’s Festival Good News 1.

27 Jan

Thanks to Napoleons Casino ,  The SparrowThe Peacock , and some generous individuals I have enough money to cover the base costs for the weekend and cover most of the costs for basic live streaming of Saturday’s walk and a short documentary of Sunday’s Bring Back Blaise Wool Festival. There are 2 points however:

  1. I’m still going to have to personally cover some of the cost of filming and editing as things stand, and have nowhere near enough to pay for either a programme for this year (and time to start that is running out anyway), extra publicity, or to put anything aside for next year.
  2. Almost none of the funding has come through and if I want to get the money that is in that account I am going to have to make up the difference to the target and then pay around 5%. All that for a process I have found both stressful and dubious. As a for instance they take the money straight away, rather than when the campaign ends.

I am keeping the crowdfunder open just incase anyone wants to contribute. If nobody else does then I’ll do nothing and the money contributed will be returned.

Back Blaise Crowdfunder.

If you’d like to help but don’t want to do it via the  crowdfunder then either contact me via Blaise facebook page or via   @backblaise on twitter or by leaving your e-mail in a comment. I will copy and delete your comment, and not publish it.

Sorry getting in touch with me is so hard, but I cannot afford to a wordpress business package so cannot install safe e-mail links to me.

Facebook Live’s at Sparrow and Peacock (you have to click for the Peacock video, no idea why, but you’ll not take long discovering I’m turnip thumbed with all this).

26 Jan

Back Blaise Crowdfunder. Help weave the celebration of Blaise, wool, and the history and peoples of Bradford. 1st – 3rd Feb. PLEASE share.

19 Jan

Back Blaise Crowdfunder.

Please share. Also check #backblaise

Crowdfunder to raise money to make my Bring Back Blaise Festival bigger, better, and more likely to be a permanent part of Bradford’s cultural life.

18 Jan

This is something I have conceived and given birth to over the last decade. It is a revival of an ancient Bradford celebration. Please help. PLEASE like share this, wherever you read it. PLEASE, PLEASE like and share the crowdfunder, youtube, Facebook & twitter posts about it.

Crowdfunder at Crowdfunder for Back Blaise Festival



Big News. 3 events set; Wool Festival looks like it’ll be big, and crowdfunded going live tomorrow! More soon.

17 Jan

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