Hat Throwing Triumph, and results.

1 Aug

Brilliant day. Great venue with grand staff, and I could not have asked for a better hat full of contestants. I take my hat off to all of you.

Matt is the Yorkshire Hat Throwing Champion with 90 points (6 straight throws). He came with his own hat, and gave me a hat like it. Thanks mate.

Coullin threw another 90 straight after, but he works at Leeds Industrial Museum Museum, and Sarah of the Museum disqualified him at the final count. I am sure he’ll hardly breathe a word about how unfair that is.

Michelle and Mary were joint highest lady Hat Throwers, and both scored with their first throw. A rare event.

Champion under 16’s was Ed with 30, then Stanley with 20.

Furthest travelled was Allen from Melbourne; who’d grown up very near the Museum, is on a visit, and visited the Museum for the first time because he’d seen my Hat Throwing advertised (as did several others). Frank from Westphalia was second furthest, but just happened to call in with his misses.

Jack was most obsessive Hat Thrower (just beating Allen) who had a great technique but just couldn’t rack his hat from the x2 circle; despite scoring 3 in a row from the first circle many times. Sorry that I didn’t put his score on the board.

There would have been more people if it had rained this morning, but with a Radio Leeds interview, and Twitter video this morning. A full set of photos from the grand Tony of Yorkshire Evening Post. A live Facebook film from Andrew of the same paper. A TV interview by Made in Leeds, and being filmed by BBC https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mj5m Look North, best coverage I have ever had.


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