Sewage Tour Trumps Trump!

3 Jun
Tony, one of our bus trip regulars told me Radio Leeds used part of the interview with Radio Leeds’ Andrew Edwards in the 8.00 and 9.00 news, before some news story about Trump! Good on Radio Leeds! Local news for local people.
It were a grand day out, and a bit of a personal triumph, though I was on auto-inspect by the end. As Les said: best yet, but came after 4 years hard work. It was certainly the most enjoyable for me of the 4 we have done thus far.
We went down roads that had probably never seen a double decker before, and there were some right laughs: the sweepstake on who many times I would say “” and me shouting “left, left, Left! LEFT!!” just in time, being amongst them.
We put smiles on peoples faces where ever we went; with lots of excited children waving; and put business the way of the Industrial Museum (a first visit for some), Hepworth & Idle Cricket Club (who did us a lovely tea and sold us fine beer) and Saltaire Brewery, where things mellowed and loads stayed.
We also learned a lot about the new processes at Esholt Sewage works. It is back to being close to carbon neutral, and ships all processed solids off for fertiliser. The massive gates also got excitingly close to the bus and all.
I would recommend Yesteryear Coaches to anyone,

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