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Woolcomb & Wet weather testing Blaise Festival Walk for Sat 3rd Feb.

29 Jan

Blaise Ale Launch to feature Mila Lee on guitar and vocals.

28 Jan


Mila Lee’s Facebook page

Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival 2018 full line-up!

22 Jan

Blaise 18 poster4mSalamander Brewery Armenian Ale Launch.

Friday 2nd Feb. From 18.00.

Salamander Brewery,  22 Harry St, BD4 9OH.


Featuring Mila Lee on guitar and vocals.

The Bishop Blaise’s 1825 Festival Walk.

Saturday 3rd Feb.

A gentle guided historical amble in Bradford, with refreshment stops 

Walk starts Bradford Cathedral 11.00. 

Guided tour of the Cathedral 10.15.

Blaise Lite Show @ Record Cafe

Sun 4th Feb. 19.00. Glyn Watkins’ Bradford stand-up history.

Until 1825 Bradford woolcombers organised massive Bishop Blaise celebrations on 3rd Feb. Glyn Watkins has been trying to revive it for years. Blaise was an Armenian Martyr ‘harmed’ with woolcombs.