Lost City poster from 1998.

13 Aug

I have just found a poster I created on a Macintosh Plus for a showing of J.B.Priestley’s Lost City, at Pictureville, which I organised for the 9th May, 1998. I have not seen the film since, but the poster has enough details to make it worth reproducing.

Don’t forget that tickets for a showing of this film and a vintage bus tour of various scenes from the film are available for £15 from The Record Cafe ( 01274 723143 ) and Sparrow Bar ( 01274 270772 ). The film will be shown at Pictureville again, starting at 11.00. Sunday 17th Sept.

Lost City 1998 poster2

The 1958 BBC film



SALTBURN PLACE (Where the great man grew up.)

SWAN ARCADE (He worked there, but he couldn’t save it!)

LISTER PARK (Where the brass band played, and there was lots of ‘tiddly om-pom-pom!)

THEATRE ROYAL (Where the great Irving gave “Into your hands O Lord!” and then died at the Midland.)

KIRKGATE MARKET (Pie Toms, the toothless and 6 plates for a dollar!)

EMPIRE THEATRE (Where Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin performed)


J.B.Priestley returns to Bradford, the city of his lost youth. A historically fascinating, evocative and charming film.


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