We are technically, and factually, sold out for the Tales From The Tracks bus tour. A vintage bus trip to see stuff what ain’t there no more.

3 Jun

Tickets will become available between now and 10th June, as long as ticket holders tell us they can’t be there (they have done for the last 2 trips).

As a man of experience I know there will be empty seats on the day, and if it’s bucketing down there will be plenty.

If you a desperate to be on the bus go to the Record Cafe and make them write your name down on the piece of paper (if I have not given them a piece of paper yet, make them use their initiative.

If you are really desperate, then be at the Record Cafe before just after 10.00 on 10th June, bang on door, and make Keith put your name down in capital letters.

I said we should have put price up! Did they listen? Smily emoji (? the smiley, toss, face things people use now instead of trying to write what they actually mean ).



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