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Bradford Review interview with Glyn Watkins about the Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival. Page 20.

5 Jan

The Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival weekend.

3 Jan

The Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival

wants to celebrate, Bradford, wool

and all our shared histories

(and have a bit of fun in early Feb.).

This year’s Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival runs over the weekend of 3rd Feb. Events booked so far:

From 2nd Feb. Bring Back Great Knits Exhibition at Bradford Cathedral. Knitting with a Bradford link or a story.

Friday 3rd. Bring Back St. Blaise Evening at Salamander Brewery. Pictures, stories and some music. With Saint Blaise’s Armenian Ale available.

Saturday 4th. Bring Back St. Blaise Procession. Guided walk of about 7000 steps around Bradford. Starting at the Record cafe, North Parade. Meeting 10.00. Setting off 10.30. Cathedral; Paper Hall; Wool Exchange; City Hall; Jacobs Well; Priestley Statue; Bradford Beck; Lord Clyde; Kirkgate; finishing at the Sparrow before 13.30.

Sunday 5th. Bring Back Blaise Wool Day at the Bradford Industrial Museum. A small exhibition on Bradford and Bishop Blaise; the Guild of Spinners and Weavers will be demonstrating; there may be music; and the Sparrow will be running a pop-up bar.

Any event happening over the weekend can be in this festival. It is a woolly fringe fest.

As friendship, love, and unity, Compose the bond of peace,
In them may our community
Join hands and thus increase.

(part of a poem read out during the 1825 celebration.)