Blaise and Dripping!

28 Jan

The organiser of a walk on Saturday to commemorate Bishop Blaise, Bradford’s forgotten saint, has just announced it will be calling at the Lord Clyde, on Thornton Road, to sample what he describes as the ‘Yorkshire ethnic delicacy’ of bread and dripping!

Glyn Watkins, poet and showman of Little Horton, is a big fan of the fats and juices that come of roast beef, and was delight when landlady Julie Yeadon offered to put on a tray bread and ‘mucky’ dripping. As he said:

‘The walk is starting from Glyde House and going to the New Bradford Playhouse, where we can have some of their splendid cakes; then on to the Sparrow Bier Cafe
for pies. After that we can we fill up a few corners at the Lord Clyde with the joy that is bread and dripping! It’s just a shame it has no vegetarian alternative, but there will be more cake waiting for us at the Sir Titus Salts at the end of the walk for anyone who is still hungry.

The walk is entitled ‘A Guided Walk Through Bradford’s Hidden Histories.’ and is open to all. Walkers are asked to be at Glyde House, at the bottom of Little Horton Lane, for 11.00. The walk is about 3 miles long, will finish by 15.00. and collections will be taken.


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