Route and details of The Bring Back St. Blaise’s Day walk, Saturday 1st Feb.

22 Jan

The walk is along much of the route of the last St. Blaise procession in Bradford. It is in 4 parts, and is rough 3 miles in total.

There is one set of steps, and one small section over potential mud, but wheelchair accessible alternatives are available for both.

The walk will be guided by Glyn Watkins, who will be dressed as a bright bishop. You are welcome to dress up as well.

The walk will pass 6 vanished churches, chapels and graveyards; the site of the cockpit, the bowling green, markets, and many vanished pubs. It will include the story of the sieges of Bradford, and the canal that caught fire.

11.00. Gather at Glyde House. Refreshments will be available. Glyn will be showing pictures of old Bradford and talking about the route.

11.30. Set off. Amongst others there will be pauses by J.B.Priestley’s statue; City Hall; and the Wool Exchange.

12.00. New Bradford Playhouse. Home made cakes available from Megan, a grand cake maker.

12.30. Set off. Paper Hall; Bradford Cathedral; down the steps; St. Blaise Way.

13.00. The Sparrow Bier Cafe.. Pie offered.

13.30. Set off. Oastler’s Statue; James Gate; Southgate; Goitside; across the waste ground behind The Lord Clyde to view Bradford’s mill goit.

Around 14.00. The Lord Clyde. Bread and dripping offered.

Before 14.30. Set off. Bradford’s first mill; Bradford Beck; Westholme Street; the first Mannville; down Great Horton Road.

By 15.00. Finish The Sir Titus Salt. Glyn will have coffee vouchers and cake, and probably sandwiches, will be offered.

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