Event poster for full festival.

19 Jan

Blaise 14 festival poster 10m

The Bring Back St. Blaise’s Festival

A weekend celebrating Bradford’s forgotten saint and hidden histories.

A guided Festival Walk through
Bradford’s Hidden Histories. Sat 1st Feb.

11 am. Glyde House. Little Horton Lane. Leave by 11.30.
12.00 New Bradford Playhouse, Chapel St. Leave by 12.30.
1.30 pm. Sparrow, North Parade. Leave by 2 pm. for The Titus Salt. There’ll be a talk and/or refreshments at each venue.
Donations taken. Each part is a little over a mile. Some stairs, but no-step diversions available. You can walk any/all parts.

Pie, Poetry & Proud
of Bradford Show. Glyde House. Sun 2nd Feb. 8 pm.

Show with pictures, stories, anecdotes & opinions of Bradford; plus poems. Warning: the poems will rhyme, and pies will be available! £5. Call 01274 271111.

The Comedy & Errors
What Bradford has done for fun.
Theatre in the Mill. Mon 3rd Feb. 8 pm.

A brief history of popular entertainment.
In the bar. Donations taken.


Until 1825 Bradford’s woolcombers organised a procession every
7 years celebrating Bishop Blaise, an Armenian reputedly murdered
with woolcombs. The 1825 procession was the biggest ever in Bradford,
and this year’s walk follows part of the route.

The verse below is from the 1825 St. Blaise Day, picture top below from 1811. Poster by bradwan.

As friendship, love, and unity, Compose the bond of peace,
In them may our community – Join hands and thus increase.


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