City Till July! A show about Bradford. The Good, The Bad, and the moany. A good show which happened at The Sparrow 5th Birthday. 22.5.16. 19.00

14 Jun

City till july photo 2

Photo by Sparrow Samantha.

Great intro by Paul Norcoss got things off to a grand start. The projected images worked well; the show was the right length;  and I got a fair few laughs from the lovely audience. Even the hot and drunk rock chick heckler added to the occasion.


City Till July! A show about Bradford. The Good, The Bad, and the moany. Sparrow 5th Birthday. 22.5.16. 19.00

15 May

CityTil July Post2

Literally Bradford’s Uncut Fringe Festival.

Glyn Watkins does stuff and shows things at the Sparrow. Includes rhymes & a collection. Sun 22nd May. 19.00.



Day of past, present, and future 7. Abandoned tuna mayo and the black cat.

12 Feb

I was walking up the ginned from the old Shearbridge pub to Laistridge Lane, when I saw a young, black cat licking up rice behind a bollard.

I stopped to make cat noises at it, and noticed clingfilm wrapped bread on top of the bollard.

I opened the clingfilm, discovered it was tuna, and looked up to see the cat running even further away than it had managed since my cat noises.

I did think to throw the roll down anyway, but it was a big room, enough to start a hundred baby rats out on life, and it felt good, and fresh. So I took a bite.

If I am really ill tomorrow then this can be a lesson to me.

Thank you to all who supported the Bring Back Saint Blaise’s Festival. Let’s all celebrate Bradford’s forgotten saint next year, and keep on until Bradford itself celebrates this sparkling gem in it’s rich history.

3 Feb

HOT NEWS. Live music at tonight’s Braing Back Saint Blaise’s Festival show.

3 Feb

Mark Clayton and Nick Settle, from The Circles, will be joining Glyn Watkins at the Sparrow tonight for the Pie & Proud of Bradford Show, playing acoustic indie (hopefully including the Only Ones’ Another Girl Another Planet. One of my all time favourite.

Bring Back Saint Blaise’s Festival Pie & Proud of Bradford show tonight.

3 Feb

Sparrow on North Parade. 19.30. Stories, rhymes and pies. Salamander’s Saint Blaise Pale on draught. Below is the launch in the Record Cafe last Sunday.

I should be live on BCB Drive at 17.45.


St Blaise Beer Launch & Band. Record Cafe. 5pm. Sun 31st January.

27 Jan
First event in this year’s Bring Back Saint Blaise’s Festival.
Blaise15 beer launch and band poster1
St Blaise Beer Launch & Band. Record Cafe. 5pm. Sun 31st January.
Glyn Watkins talks about Blaise, Bradford’s lost Saint, and drinks the Salamander beer named after him.
Followed by: Bradford Alt/Rock/Dance noise makers
Ballyhoo Eventide
“That kind of positive energy is disgustingly infectious” – Leeds Music Scene.